Tuesday, April 26, 2022

The Retreat at Silver Springs

For us crafting ladies - there is nothing better than a relaxing crafting workshop at a nice retreat facility.  I've had the pleasure of attending a new one in Silver Springs, FL for the last six days and thought today I'd share a few photos from the event with you.

27 Attendees & Buffy (Lori's Support Companion)

The event was held at The Retreat at Silver Springs, a Christian Church supported facility located on the edge of the National Forest and Ocala. 

The building has two large open rooms on each end - one with the cafeteria and the other the auditorium where the group events are held. 

Lots of room for our hostess Lori Shannanhouse's Creative Memories displays. 

My nest. We were spoiled with nice 8' tables too!

And my table partners ~ 

Many of you know Debra from Scrapsalot, LLC ...

WOW! all the goodies! 

We were served some great food, awesome prizes (thank you Lori), had several shopping adventures and still managed to get a lot accomplished.  

Just one of Chari's projects completed.  

I completed about 40 cards. 

and the best part -  as we leave FL with the loaded car - the blessings of new friends, time spent with Debra and Tina...

and safely returning home to our family.

Until another adventure  ~ 


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  1. It certainly was a fun filled week! Crafting, new friends, and overall time well spent relaxing and enjoying each others company!!