Monday, October 31, 2016

A SPOOKY Find....

In my normal trash to treasure hunting, I happen upon a single package of Wilson Halloween decorations at the local thrift store.  
Included in the package were 12 'witch heads' on tooth picks to stick into cupcakes
and 12 'witch skirts & shoes' stickers to put on drink cups. 
All at a perfect price of $.75.  

It didn't take long to find the right size punch after stamping 'SPOOKY' on yellow card stock to use for a body. 
Using white for the background on a black cardstock base, 
I clipped the toothpick off and begin gluing the pieces together
for my silly little lady.

I love this sentiment from Pinterest that describes me perfectly to finish off the creation. 
as a 

Remember crafters to keep your eyes open for those special finds....they are hidden in the strangest places!

Thank you for stopping by ~ Pam 

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sing to the Lord {WAW #254}

SING to the LORD
Colossians 3:16

As we enter the month of Thanksgiving, may you continue to be reminded every day to give thanks to the Lord
for God is Good
All The Time.

Today's card will be sent to a special online friend on 
the Christian Card Maker site, who I am especially thankful for.  
It is amazing how we are led into friendships online, to people we
will never in our lifetime meet. 
Yet we care about them, their feelings, and their life's struggles.  

Thank you Marilyn, for taking the lead on the site over the last months 
and keeping us focused on our Christian mission.

If you would like to join a wonderful Christian based group based on sharing cards, prayer requests and sending encouragement to others, I would invite you over to Christian Card Makers.

This card is also my entry for Word Art Wednesday #254-255, another Christian based site with great scripture sharing each week.

This card design is available for purchase on Not Just Scraps.
Thank you for stopping by.  ~ Pam 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Craft Room Do-Over

Do you ever get your crafting space totally organized or is it
always a work in progress? 
When I downsized four months ago, I planned every inch of my 10 x 10 room knowing that going from a 20 x 24 bonus room was really going to be an adjustment.  Yet just four months later, I found that I really needed to re-think my space 
and finally gave in to a DO-OVER this weekend.  
My personal goals:
1. Everything does not have to be on my desk, it's okay to have it behind me, across the room, in a cabinet, etc.  Move items and increase my work space and KEEP IT THAT WAY!
2. Allowing the internet installation to be under my craft table was a mistake ~ do whatever is necessary to move it so it is accessible.
3. Crafting and my laptop go together.  Whether it is with Pinterest, looking at the challenge requirements, or just chatting while I'm crafting, having my computer across the room from the craft table was not a good location ~ move it.

Now the show and tell of the beginning mess (oh dread!)....
 I promise, there is a crafting table under all that with about an 8" square space to actually craft. But I can touch everything which must give me a great feeling of comfort! 
And my die cutting area below, not too bad considering it's 
straddling the HVAC vent.
And there is 'the corner' that needs so much help!  The only good thing is the window view of the water - 

Thrift Store Bargain to the rescue.  I happened upon the Habitat's half price day and picked up the solid oak entertainment center for only $40!  
Although it looked easy when the two elderly gentlemen loaded it, it took three of us to unload and could barely get it up the steps and into my kitchen.  Next the task of moving things out.  With my total house only being 880 square feet, my den quickly became stacked high with crafts items and furniture.  This green file cabinet was built by my Dad many years ago so it got a new coat of paint on it's trip in and out of the area. 

The path is ready, now how am I (alone) going to get this monster down the hall and in place.  
Like everything else when a task is larger than I am, stop and pray, and ask others to pray for you and with you.  (Thanks Jennie!)
And many 'Thank You Jesus' afterwards!

Things are now back in the room and it is and will continue to be a work in progress.  But I am so thrilled with my results and meeting all my goals.
My desk area is cleared of clutter and organized.  The new cabinet behind me is well organized in storage boxes that are easy to access. My laptop is relocated beside my crafting table, and I can still see out the window to see the lake!
The die cutting area is under the window now, giving more room when you first walk in the room for paper cutting and a nice area for my package shipping. The internet boxes are also accessible, no longer under the craft table. 
The stamp filing and paper filing area is working well, just need to finish up the labeling there.

And WOW to my new corner!  How much better it is now.  Organized and beautiful with the finishing touch of the rug hooked rose created by my Mom many years ago.  She dyed the wool and cut the strips before hooking the design that she drew herself.  Makes me happy to know she's watching me craft from heaven.

Thank you for stopping by ~ Pam 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Make Every Moment Count

As we are reminded in Matthew 6:34
Do not worry about tomorrow....  

You are here for a reason, a purpose, 
put here by the Lord
to fill His plan for your life.

My wish for you is to
Make Every Moment Count 
while you are here on this earth
and to give God the glory for your blessings.

This card design is available for purchase on Not Just Scraps and was also my submission for the Four Layer Challenge on Addicted to Card Making.
Thank you for stopping by ~ Pam 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Bless This Land You've Given Me ~ WAW#253

As we continue to honor our farmers 
during the month of October, 
I was drawn to the Farmer's Prayer.

Lord, Bless this land you've given me
And may I always know
As I tend each crop and critter
You're the one who helps them grow.

Grant me the strength and wisdom
Please protect me from all harm,
And thank you, Lord 
for your gracious gift
The Blessing Of My Farm.

My card today was made for a special farmer in Florida who like most covers multiple areas... hay, corn, millet, cows and timber.  Thanks to you and many, many farmers across the US.  
May our God continue to bless you and your farm.

This is also my submission for Christian Card Maker monthly challenge and Word Art Wednesday .  I'd also like to invite you to visit these sites to see other inspiring artist cards. 

This card design is available for purchase on Not Just Scraps. 
Thank you for stopping by ~ Pam 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

ACTM October Envelope Challenge

My FAVORITE challenge on 
The Envelope Challenge!
Not only does it add a level of interest to my work 
but I can't hardly wait to see what the other 12-15 ladies
each month come up with using the same supplies.

These are the supplies our host Kari sent out for the month of October.

The standard rules are, you can add the card base as a freebie, you must use part of every item included in the envelope, and you also may use two additional items from your stash.

The same day my envelope arrived, so did this new die set that I had scooped up from Joann's for half price. 

Let's see if we can take those Halloween themed supplies and make
something a little out of the box.
With some tight little clips and snips and the addition of the 
aqua background and the sentiment below the YES!, 
here's my latest creation. 

This original card and many others are for sale on 
my site, Not Just Scraps.  Thanks for stopping by ~ Pam 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Don't Let Anyone Ruffle Your Feathers ~ Embossing Challenge

The next Addicted to Card Making October challenge card
was for an Embossed card ~ which could be dry or heat embossed.

Having just received several new crafting magazines from the UK, I wanted to try out this adorable peacock die. 

 Yet the idea pattern was heat embossed showing the head and body of the peacock 
in green and his feathers in shades of purple.  
With my space limitations, heat embossing supplies are well stored... at the back of the closet.  With a little digging ...yay, the perfect paper with hydrangea in shades of green to purples.  

The little peacock die fit perfectly all over the small 6 x 6 papers to allow me many cuts of beautifully pre-shaded peacocks!

The magazine set also came with an embossing strip, another easy addition.  Reminder... Get some of those out of storage and put them to use also!
The cute sentiment stamp is from the Stamps of Life collection and adds a nice finishing touch to the layered card. 

This card design is available for purchase on my selling site, for just the right person who needs a little encouraging words from you.  Visit the Handmade Cards album on 
Not Just Scraps.

Thank you for stopping by ~ Pam 

Friday, October 14, 2016

You Are Fabulous ~ Paper Doll Becky ~ Lace Challenge

For one of the October card challenges on 
we were to make a card with lace on it.  Not wanting just to add
a little lace border, I decided to go to my Julie Nutting paper doll
stash and add lace to one of the girls dresses. 
If you are a Paper Doll fan, you know how addictive this 
line of stamps can be, yet I find I never have the time to 
create with them like I would like to.  
Today Becky's western look appealed to me, so away I went, stamping the image several times on coordinating papers. 
I used Copic markers for coloring and shading the skin and hair first for the base doll.  Then each piece ( Hat, Shirt, Skirt, and Boots) are separately stamped and hand cut out.  A dark marker is used to go around the edges of each piece to conceal any white core of the paper before gluing each of the tiny pieces onto the doll. 
Nuvo Crystal drops were used to give the effect of tiny buttons down the front of her shirt.  Several rows of lace were carefully glued to the skirt and secured at the back before adding as the final piece of clothing.  A scrap of paper was used to cut the shape of a jean pocket and I added the Unity stamp, "You are fabulous", with a small chipboard flower on the corner to finish it off the card. 

This turned out to be a great card of encouragement and the 
design will be added to my selling site, Not Just Scraps.

Thank you for stopping by ~ Pam 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Celebrate the Festival of Harvest ~ Word Art Wednesday # 252-253

This week's card is in honor of 
our farmers who put in endless hours of hard labor
and continuously fight the forces of Mother Nature.  

My scripture reference is from Exodus 23:16

"Celebrate the Festival of Harvest with the first fruits
of the crops you sow in your field"

It truly is a celebration as the farmers harvests are gathered
and we are fed. 

Both with the fruits in the fields and the food provided from
the farm animals, our farmers of America have to be
very dedicated and truly love their demanding jobs. 

I hope you will take time to thank the farmers that you know for the work they do and the harvest they provide. 
Pray for them and their harvest celebrations. 

These cards are also being sent to farmers as part of the Christian Card Marker October mission.  The first card is being entered into Word Art Wednesday # 252-253.  I invite you to visit both sites for other cards of inspiration! 

Thank you for stopping by ~ Pam 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Challenge Card on Addicted to Card Making (WAW #252-253)

With the thousand year flood of South Carolina just one year ago, 
we braced ourselves for another devastating storm last weekend. 
Hurricane Matthew, with all it's strength and forces had already
made it's path of destruction through the Carribbean.  
The announcement came early from our governor, Nikki Haley,
"Evacuate The Entire Coastal Area of South Carolina." 

Many were surprised as the schools and government offices 
were closed three days before the storm 
was schedule to impact us.  
However, an evacuation of this size, the coordination required, 
shelters needed at schools  and many other details had to be set 
into motion in order to protect lives. 
And we prayed and prayed.   
So many prayed that all the evacuation would be 'for nothing',
 praying that Matthew would turn sharply eastward
 sparing our beaches, homes and coastline.

But slowly and steady, Hurricane Matthew came up the coast
 leaving destruction and disaster behind, 
creeping through the night with 80+ mph winds, 
soaking rains, toppling trees and leaving 
everyone wondering what would be left with morning's light.

Our comfort through this storm and through so many storms in 
our own lives is our trust in God, knowing he hears our prayers.  

God is our refuge and strength.. 
a very present help in trouble
Psalm 46:1

The next morning, over 800,000 SC residents without power and 
many, many weeks and months ahead to rebuild our coastline.  
However we are grateful, for God is our refuge and strength! 
Today as you read this, I ask for you to pray for South Carolina,
pray for strength for the people who have lost so much,
pray for the workers who are putting in endless hours to
restore power and other utilities, and pray that through this 
valley those that do not know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior
will be drawn to him.

I invite you to visit several other wonderful card making sites for more inspiration and talents of others.  This card is my entry for Word Art Wednesday # 252-253 and also won the weekend challenge on Addicted to Card Making.  

Thank you for stopping by ~ Pam  

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Orange and Black Card Challenge ~ No Halloween!

If you are in the month of October and you think orange and black,
then your mind seems to go to Halloween.
Thus the Addicted to Card Making challenge
of NO HALLOWEEN truly made it a great challenge.

My choice was a quick silhouette using part of a five owl
border die.  I had a little trouble with this die embossing the 
detail desired, however using them as little silhouettes proved
to be the perfect images.  
The background orange and brown came from my 'ugly' background scrap pile and was glued to a standard black card base.
I used a circle die cut of orange, then distressed part of one edge 
using Stampin Up Cajun Craze ink.
After gluing these down, I used a small Whimsy tag die 
and then stamped the small sentiment to complete the card.

Like many cards, the sentiment could be changed to meet several events or celebrations.  This card design will be added to my selling site, Not Just Scraps. I hope you will stop by to visit some time. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Shaker Card ~ Addicted to Card Making Challenge

My troubles and past experiences with shaker cards,
really made me hesitate to sign up for this month's Shaker Card
However after watching a shared video on Karle' Passion, ) I wanted to try out several tricks that  
Amy from Prairie Paper and Ink had demonstrated. 
I'd venture to guess, most crafter's reading this
have that box or drawer stuffed in the back of the older, larger 
SIZZIX dies, the big bulky ones that we can't part with but never seem to use?   
In the back of mine...The bubble gum ball machine!
Purchased at half price and never opened! 
For supplies, I grabbed my card base, a few scrap pieces of red card stock, a 6 x 6 piece of vellum, foam tape, glue, and my jar of multi colored sequins. The kit included the embossing folder, which I ran the vellum through my Big Shot with.  Carefully I cut out around the center piece of the machine, where the shaker part will be, Be sure to cut this the exact size as the machine, but you can cut it off just above the tabbed area.  
Trim out the tab part separately and put aside.

Used the red card stock for cutting the machine die.  The center red piece will not be used.  Lay the vellum on the red machine piece to double check the size, ensure the vellum does not stick out. Using a thin line of glue, attach the vellum to the back of the machine die, ensuring the vellum is facing outwards. 
Next, take your foam tape (about 4" long)  and trim it making very thin strips. Remove the adhesive on both sides, which allows you to mold the adhesive to the back of the card, making the cup to hold the shaker pieces. Like the reference video, adding two rows really gives room for the shaker pieces to move around.   Add a few more foam pieces to the bottom area of the die so it will stand up also. 

For perfect alignment... Love this new trick, also from the video!  Lay this piece on your grid mat UPSIDE DOWN and get it straight  and centered.  Add your shaker pieces (about 1 teaspoonful). Now carefully take your card base and using the grid mat, center and align your shaker piece under your card base. Then firmly press the card base down onto the shaker die!
Finish the card front by taking the trimmed vellum tag and using vellum glue attach it to the red tag piece, then add it to the the front of the card using a foam dot also. 
Add multi colored string for your ribbon and a sentiment of your choice for the card completion. 
I was extremely pleased with the card results and will definitely be adding this one to my selling site, Not Just Scraps

Thank you for stopping by ~ Pam 

Friday, October 7, 2016

Pastor Appreciation Day ~ Word Art Wednesday #250-251

For my 
Word Art Wednesday
entry this week, I wanted to also meet the monthly
card challenge on Christian Card Makers to
honor my Pastor with a card of appreciation.

Since I recently moved, I currently am visiting a couple
of church seeking God's guidance on where I should
be led to be fed His Word.

My wonderful new neighbors invited me several weeks ago 
to visit with them to their church and since I've returned 
there a couple of times, I decided that the Pastor 
there would be the recipient of my card.
Next problem - I don't really know him, what he likes etc.
So being a note taker during sermons, 
I turned back to the first sermon that I heard him give
remembering that I laughed and loved his presentation
and his message from his heart while sharing 
God's Holy word with us. 

The Sermon title was Singing With Grace and the scripture
reference was Colossians 3:16
Being a crafter who enjoys using the words of hymns in my cards
and also who grew up with the beautiful words of the 'old fashioned' songs, 
this message was a perfect reminder that 
"Make a joyful noise unto the Lord' is not an option! 
Our worship involves singing.  We teach the Bible through singing. The word of God dwells in us richly through songs. 
His challenge ~ 
Sing to the Lord ~ Sing with Grace ~ Sing with our Hearts! 

Definitely a message that I was blessed with and have taken into 
my heart.  My new card is ready for delivery on this Sunday, 
National Pastor / Minister Appreciation Day.  
I hope you will take time to thank your church leader 
this weekend also.

Thank you for stopping by ~ Pam