Friday, December 27, 2019

The Ornaments of 2019

Lots of crafters have been putting vinyl on ornaments by using the Cricut machines or the Cameo Silhouette machines for some time now.   My machine has been covered for several years, within arms reach, with me thinking I would be ready to make any project I wanted to by simply uncovering the machine and Wa-La ~ cutting out any thing I wanted.

However, I quickly found out there is a bit of a learning curve and so many tips and short cuts that one must certainly keep a journal of your notes, cheat sheets and spare parts!

After making several charger plates, decorative Christmas plates and other miscellaneous items for a craft show back in November, I turned my efforts toward making my 2019 traditional Christmas ornaments using my new found craft of adding "Vinyl" to anything that didn't move.

Since I usually make about 35-40 ornaments, I knew I needed something fairly generic and something easy enough for me as a beginner.  I ended up making a couple of groups of ornaments and then several singles this year; so I'll quickly show you a peek at all of them.

I picked up a sticker sheet of reindeer with a tiny red pom-pom nose from Hobby Lobby as my inspiration for the largest grouping of ornaments.  I made the 'JOY' ornament, which had red crinkled paper shreds inside the clear bulbs and the "O" was replaced with the tiny reindeer sticker. 

My nephew's last name is Noel (pronounced No-l), which made their family ornament an easy choice to make. 

The other batch of ornaments went for my 'guys' and was a Silhouette Design Store purchase.  It seems most are wood workers, so the 'Sawdust Is Man Glitter' fit them well.  Also I was blessed with a large bag of cedar shavings to fill these ornaments!

Everyone got a good chuckle at our family celebration when I handed out several of these special ones!

Then different special friends were gifted special personalized ornaments.

Thanks for stopping by today to see what I've been working on.  I enjoyed the change from my cards to working on the vinyl... but not enough to switch for sure.  My Copics are my comfort.  I believe I'll stick with them for quite a while. 

Serving a Risen Savior, 


  1. What sweet ornaments Pam - love the "man glitter" ones in particular :)

    1. Thank you Maxine - hard to come up with masculine ornaments too - That was the only one I purchased the design, but it was too cute, especially with the cedar shavings. Blessings my friend.

  2. very nice. Many good ideas. Liking the filling. All festive.