Monday, December 24, 2018

A Jungle of a Challenge!

One of the best parts of my card making this past year has been the requests for designing personal cards for customers.  Although this is always a lot more time consuming, the gratification of understanding what they want and producing that image into a card makes every ounce of my time and energy worth what ever time it takes.  

Today's featured cards were quite the task of my creative side and I'm extremely proud of the way they turned out.  My customer and her two sisters have a tradition of their gift exchange theme being around palm trees.  So basically, that was what I was given for my instructions - create two cards  - with three palm trees, ... and she did like the Jungle Bells Three stamp set by Crissy Armstrong. 

Here's my single and double creations using Jungle Bells Three and a Palm Tree stamp times three! (unknown mfg). 

The Jungle Bells Three image is a red rubber image at the present time, so I started in the center and worked out.  I kept my center image tightly matted allowing me as much room as possible to fit the tree in behind and add the wavy red solid embellishment.  This was another card that could have used another set of arms to hold things in place while I was trying to get everything glued down.   The bright gold gemstones added to each of the trees was just the right touch to finish the cards. 

So if you are reading this and are not a crafter - but would like a handmade card, keep me in mind for future card orders.  Thanks so much for coming by today to see what I've been working on.

Serving a Risen Savior,

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