Tuesday, December 25, 2018

A Holiday Hug from Me to You

It's finally here ~ the BIG day all the kids have been waiting for and probably quite a few adults too.  By the time anyone reads my blog all of the presents will have been opened and wrapping papers torn and tossed to the floor.  New toys and games for the kids of all ages are seen everywhere and a few are set aside with the instructions for later when there isn't so much confusion. 

And then there are the other homes that are quiet - with only a single resident. The ones that have recently lost a loved one,  that are going through the holiday season alone for the first time - or even again and again.  Or those that have no family close by to share the joys of the season with. 

Whatever you situation is, I hope that at some point this past year, one of my cards has brought a smile to you, or a chuckle.  Or maybe a fond memory of days gone by ~  if so  - then I have been successful.  

My wish for you today, is for this holiday season bring joy to your life, a little laughter, a feeling that you are loved by someone you didn't even think knew you.  

I am sending you this Holiday Hug from Me to You today - This sweet Whimsy Snow Couple
to warm your day and make you smile. 

You are loved by many!  
Blessings through this holiday season and into 2019. 

Serving a Risen Savior, 

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