Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Hug Me!

 Today I'm sharing a quick Napkin card that a group of ladies and I made at our beach retreat last week.  If you've never made napkin cards, you should give it a try some time.  

Here's the finished card then a few steps I took to make it.


There are several different ways to get to the same end card result - so I'll just share how I've found is the best for me.

- Separate your napkin ply's - you only use the top ply.  

- Using a school glue stick (must be a glue stick!) apply a thick coat completely covering the front of the card base. Be sure to get it well covered, especially close to the edges. 

- Carefully lay the card base, glue side down onto the BACK of the single (top layer) layer of the napkin. Be sure you are lining it up straight and the way you want it to be on the card front.

- Press down ~ then flip over.  

- Now, carefully work from the center with one finger - slowly smooth out any wrinkles, working them to the edge of the card base.

-Use large blade scissors and carefully trim the excess napkin away from the card base, trim as close to the base as possible.

There - you now have a napkin card!  Decorate to your hearts desire.  

In this case, I added two strips that match the colors in the napkin, then added the cluster of die cut cactus.  They are glued at the bottom and have pop dots at the top for added dimension. I finished the card with the sentiment 'Hug Me!'.

Ready to send  ~ Easy Peasy! 

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I’ll be entering this card in the following challenges:

 Cute Card Thursday ~ Challenge #691 

Allsorts ~ Challenge #639 

Crafty Gals ~ Challenge 222 ~ Summer 


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  1. Love how you have added to the napkin theme on this fabulous card Pam.
    I love using napkins on cards, I prefer to fold my napkin edges over the card back and glue them down, I think it gives a neater edge. Another way to ensure you napkin is flat is to run it through a die cutting machine to give it a final press. Just my thoughts
    Stay safe