Thursday, April 8, 2021

Seas the Day!

 It's finally here!  The For Keeps Sake Spring Retreat!!! 

For 20 ladies the excitement of getting a weekend away, spending time with fellow Christian ladies, and getting to craft 24 hours a day for four days is just amazing!

Even though I've been doing these retreats for over 15 years now, each time at the end we always seems to say, "How can it get any better?"  And now ladies come from FL, VA, NC, GA and SC! 

One of the super exciting things for us this time is now that we are at a facility with handicap accessibility, one of my former ladies can return.  We have missed this sweet lady and her beautiful smile for the last couple of years.  It will be so good just to have her with us!

I always keep the theme and the shirts a secret... it's just part of the fun.  Now the plan is out - We are in for several days of Nautical themed fun, games and gifts. 

I can't wait to post later about the things we will be doing! I know you are wishing you were with us! 

Pam's Pearls

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