Friday, October 2, 2020

Retreat ~ Projects and Treats

 For the fall 2020 'For Keeps Sake' Retreat, we selected a cooking theme - Memories are Homemade.  I'd like to share several of the projects and treats we gave out to the 19 ladies who attended.

We used Red and Aqua colors throughout the weekend.  Here's the gang in our retreat T-shirts with the red vintage mixer and aqua bowl.  Our shirts were made  at SpecialTee T-Shirt Shop in Batesburg, SC. 

Each morning the ladies found a gift at their work spaces.  Friday's was their chef hat along with a small 'mixing bowl' and mini whisk. The bowl was filled with tag embellishments and charms. 

Projects for Friday were an Apron Recipe holder than hangs on your cabinet door and a vintage covered cookbook made with a photo album.

We also had mini Cakes for our snack with a sprinkle bar to decorate your own cake!

Saturday's morning gift was a mini grater and more embellishments.   They also got a bag of Cheez-its with the Whimsy Swiss Dots Die and a cute tag.

Projects for the day were a Shaker card using the Gina Marie Cloth Top Jar die and a 3D Oven card.

The snack treat was a bag of pretzels with another cute tag!

Sunday's baking theme continued with the focus on Christmas. The ladies were greeted by this adorable standing Gingerbread man....

along with their morning gift - a dish towel, spatula and additional tags and embellishments.

The Christmas projects included an ornament and a Gingerbread scrapbook page.  

And the snack treat was of course  -  a Gingerbread man cookie with a House Mouse tag on it. 

We certainly had fun at Camp Kinard...

 and look forward to returning in the spring!

Serving a Risen Savior,


  1. Such a great weekend!! We have to choose one.... !!! Well, I’ll choose the fellowship and love of this group... the rest is just icing on the cake!(lol couldn’t help it)

  2. How can I only pick one as my favorite, you picked two of my biggest joys. I think all of these crafts are lovely and uplifting. These are perfect little gifts for friends and coworkers anytime of the year.

  3. My goodness, Pam what an amazing time you all must’ve had! I can’t pick a favorite either! I just love it all!

  4. It looks like y'all had a fun time. What cute gifts and presentations.

    You've got to come put your House Mouse tag in the House Mouse and Friends Monday challenge. We'd love to have you. [Bunny]

  5. Looks like a fun weekend, Pam! I need to check out the pop up oven. So cute!

  6. This was my first retreat with this lovely group of ladies! Every minute was amazing. All the planning that went into it was clearly done with so much love and attention to detail. Every project was simple to complete and all were ADORABLE and doable! I am a little obsessed with the Christmas ornaments and will be looking into making some of these this year! The food was excellent. The rooms were very nice. I will be back! Thank you for posting this Pam!