Friday, March 30, 2018

Which Came First - The Colored Egg or the Patterned Paper?

Today's card captures Sylvia Zet's cute image {Whimsy, Easter Bunny} of the bunny painting a beautiful egg mounted on several layers of patterned papers.

As you look at the photo - which came first?
The colored image OR the patterned paper?

Selecting the right papers for matting and the background for your card is usually what makes the card AWESOME or just So-So.

While we all do things differently, I personally pre-color images when I know I'm going to travel to reduce taking stamps, plus it is my relaxation.  Some I'm sure will answer, picking the paper comes first and then you color the image to match. 

However, when you have several scraps left over during the paper matching process, I encourage you to NOT throw them away or even in your scrap box. Go ahead and pre-mount a card base or two then.  It not only helps reduce the wasted papers or the frustration of finding that tiny strip you know you had but you are then ahead of the game with another card base waiting on an image.

Thanks for stopping by today - I hope you will give some thought to today's idea.  I would of course love to see your comments on your style or preference.

Serving a Risen Savior,

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