Friday, March 23, 2018

Just "Easter Bunny"

As most bloggers do - I wonder how many people actually read the words of a blog?  Do you just scan the news feed in Facebook, looking at the photos for something interesting?  If you are a crafter and you happen to see a cute card, you hesitate, study it, maybe save the photo, and on a slim chance, may go read about it.
How many of you shop that way too?
Raise your hand... you know who you are.  Okay - my hand is up first.  I'm scanning the craft sites for certain brands of stamps, right? And when I find one, quick check in Evernote, "Nope, don't have it, ORDER IT!",  Especially if it is by one of several of my favorite designers.  
Well all that to say....
I ordered this Whimsy stamp.... Honestly it had a pretty boring name.."Easter Bunny" but I didn't have it and I like Sylvia Zet's designs.  Then it came and I just looked at it ... why was it I needed this stamp?  It's a cute stamp, but do I have a sentiment I wanted to use with it? Well it certainly wasn't just going to go in the file tray of Whimsy images so after being inventoried, I stamped a couple and started coloring. 
And the more I colored the more I liked this stamped image with the boring name.... 

She just turned out to be as cute as she could be sitting there on her stool with her beautifully painted egg!  Can't you just see the emotions between the bunny and the chick? 
Using the Gina Marie Pleated Lace Oval die added an extra feminine touch.  I use a gray 5 x 7 card base with multiple patterned strips for the background. The center yellow chevron pattern is also matted in gray.  The sentiment is a generic Easter greeting stamp cut in a fishtail design and the yellow flat back enamel dots are also from Gina Marie Designs.

You'll see this one again before Easter done in a different layout, so please keep coming back. Thank you Whimsy Stamp Co. for continuing to give us such great images! 

Serving a Risen Savior, 

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