Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Upscaling Part of My Work Area

 No matter how small or large your crafting area is, given some time and use, it is bound to get messy and unorganized.  Well - maybe not everyone has this issue - but MOST of us do!  

In my home, my craft room is ~10' x 10' so every inch is prime real estate.  The area where my Sizzix machine and my very extensive collection of dies are had become cluttered and unmanageable.  But the worse part was my machine was on a 'rolling microwave table' which was low and caused me to bend my back at an odd angle every time I used my die cutting machine. Something just had to give!

Is there even a Sizzix machine in that photo?

The quest was on for a new table or cabinet that was taller and would give me more storage.  It also had to fit width wise in the space (~25") where the cart would be coming out.  It turned out not to be an easy search - Inventory in our stores isn't in abundance and I really didn't want a new piece either. It took over a month of shopping all the little stores before I finally found a piece that would fit!

Definitely one person's 'trash' as it was missing knobs and had been chewed by someone's pet... it reeked of smoke - which I didn't realize until after I purchased! (oh boy!) They were asking $75, and I asked for a better price due to the damage.  I paid $60. Yes, this was going to be a Project for sure!

Four baths of Vinegar, two of Clorox and several sprinklings of Baking Soda later - I used a dewaxed shellac seal coat by Zinsser on the outside and then began the painting. 

It took three coats of good Valspar top quality paint plus some touch up to cover everything - but what a treasure I now have.  My space is reorganized, my dies have plenty of room and are labeled, filed and easy to access. 

The cost of the project ~ $60 for the cabinet, $14 for the knobs, $9 for the liner material, paint was left over, $3 for new rollers, brushes on hand, cleaning supplies on hand. 
Total ~$86  Well worth the investment. 

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