Thursday, October 10, 2019

Composition Books ~ From Plain to Awesome!

When everyone arrived at the For Keeps Sake Retreat several weeks ago, they found a blank Composition Book at their seats.  There were many questioning looks directed towards Bette and Stacey as everyone couldn't imagine what these two had up their sleeve for this project.

But the "aaahhhs" and smiles came quickly as everyone gathered around for Stacey to watch her demonstrate the directions for the first project of the weekend. 

 The project was to:  Prepare your artwork for the front of the book and then to cover (front/back & inside covers) using pretty papers and Modge Podge.  The completed books were gathered on the last day of the retreat weekend and numbered.  Look at all the different books!

The room was filled with excitement as each lady drew a number and received that book to take home! It was especially nice to see the originators signing the books for the receivers.

Here is the reference measurements for a standard size composition book, if you'd like to try this project. 

Many thanks to Bette and Stacey for a great project that everyone treasures!

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  1. What an incredible variety of covers, Pam, and a great idea to swap them at the end of the weekend by ballot.