Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What's In Your Coloring Book?

I'm wondering.... how many coloring books do you have?
If your answer is zero, I would ask you to seriously consider the purchase of one Adult coloring book and I would recommend that you pick something that is NOT repetitive.  Look for one that peaks your interest, like flowers, animals, scripture.  

Having a special needs daughter, coloring books have always been numerous in my house.  And while I enjoyed coloring randomly with her, it was always as an entertainment time for her, not for me.  Until... my retirement, single life, craft life, and lake life all came into perfect alignment and the time to sit back and enjoy the simple pleasure of adult coloring... 
What a blessing!

My crafting mind though won't leave those colored images asleep in the books, I'm constantly browsing them and pulling out pages to use in my scrapbooks and on my cards.  Today's card is my swap card for the Addicted to Card Making Fruit Card.  

I had packed several crafting projects for the month of January since I was going to be out of state visiting with my family.  This fruit card project was one of them ~ so I had the embossed 'orange' edged folder card base and I had my colored page with fruity drinks to pick from. 

Didn't take long to figure out the embossed folder was overpowering the larger drink images, so a few snips, add a little background contrast and washi tape to cover the seams and now things are in better proportion.  

How refreshing and enjoyable does that look?  I hope you can find time to sit back and enjoy some stress free time today.  Enjoy God's creations around you, listen for the birds singing, the sound of the wind blowing or the rain on your roof top.  
Be still and know that he is always present.
Serving a Risen Savior ~ Pam 

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