Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Product Like No Other

Before I started writing blogs, I wrote an article on my selling page about 
a stamp cleaning product 
that I had seen as a random posting on Youtube. 
It quickly turned into a 'rage' among all of my crafting friends 
and spread through many of my online friends. 
With several more recent requests to tell others, 
today's blog is a quick re-write about the Absorber... 
the stamp cleaning product like no other.  

Step one: You must purchase ONLY the ABSORBER
not a chamois cloth, or any other generic automotive drying product. 
 (Walmart, automotive section, comes in a plastic tube,
may be pink, yellow, blue...  ~$10-14)
It's a large piece - cut it into squares about 8" (or on the fold lines). 
One square will last you forever! 
So do a group purchase, use as gifts, or you can 
purchase individually through my selling site.

Step two: When you get ready to stamp, thoroughly wet the Absorber and wring it out.  Find a convenient location on your work table to leave it - it will remain damp for several hours. 

Step three: After using your inked stamp, gently rub the ink off the stamp with the Absorber.   The ink will be absorbed into the cloth.  It will not hurt the stamp to rub hard, especially if you are using red ink which tends to stain your stamp.

Your cleaning rag will quickly become very stained.  Just re-wet when it becomes dry if you are stamping all day.   While you can run it through the washing machine, it's still going to be stained.  It's not going to come off on your clothes, the ink remains in the cloth.

Step four: When you are finished for the day, leave the Absorber out to dry. Putting it away wet can cause a musky smell and/or mold to grow on it if sealed away in a tight container. 

Step 5: Once it is completely dry, it will fold easily and can be put just in a pocket of your project bag or into a small container for travel or for storage.

 Double bonus - works great and stores in a small space!

If you already have one or you get an Absorber, I'd love to hear your comments. 
What are you waiting for ~ let's go get you one!

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