Thursday, January 26, 2017

Where is your Life Balance?

I am sure each of you have done a random act of kindness or a purposeful blessing and quickly realized afterwards that YOU received more of the blessing that you gave.

Over the last several months, this continues to happen with my card making, and my blog postings, especially when I allow the word of My Savior to speak through my work.  For each of my card creations are to His glory, I accept none.

This was the case last month for one of my card swaps on Addicted to Card Making where the challenge was a Sports Card.  As I gathered my supplies for a soccer card, nothing was coming together and I kept just pushing it to the side.  

Then I randomly came across a HOT PINK, Sparkly, Gymnastic sticker pack and the vision started to form as the Balance Beam drew me to my own life's events.

The confetti background paper was added to represent all the many situations and decisions we face each day.  How do we know when to hold on and to let go?  Only by faith and prayer can we have wisdom and guidance to stay in God's will. 
What a comfort we gain from God's Holy word in Ecclesiastes 3:1.

Some days we wobble and some days we fall. But don't ever give up ~ for our Savior is always there helping us stay in balance.

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