Sunday, January 1, 2017

But Seek Ye First

It's hard to believe it's January 1, 2017!
The pages of our lives which are filled with happiness and sadness
are being turned faster and faster, right before our eyes.  
We blink and our children are grown, we have grand children, 
we are retiring, ... and we may wonder... 
What is next?
The scripture for today's card especially speaks to me today,
as I begin a new year, with many changes ahead, many unknowns, 
many anxious moments and much excitement of the possibilities
 that My God has planned for me. 
I am a woman of God, I love my Lord, Jesus Christ and He is my Savior!  
I Shall Seek Him First and Serve Him Daily.  
And in All Things Give Him the Glory!

My prayer for you today is that you also be blessed 
and filled with God's love and abundant grace.

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Serving a Risen Savior ~ Pam