Friday, January 27, 2017

Results of What's on my Work Desk

Over the holidays, I was blessed with an extended vacation with my family in Texas.  My brother works from home and set up a 5' table for me in his large office so that I could craft and visit while he worked.  It proved to be quite interesting hearing all the different accents from around the world during his virtual meetings. 

As my time was nearing the end, my 'bits and pieces' pile was begging me not to be trashed, knowing I had to pack tightly for the flight home.  So today's' featured card is my Fiber Card entry for Addicted to Card Making, made with the results of what was on my work desk.  

The beautiful shades of pinks, mauve's, aquas, and ivory mixed with inked tags, a piece of paper doily, aqua ribbon and heart pearls of light pink and deep turquoise all layered for a perfect generic card.  Although there is not a sentiment as I mailed it to my swap partner I was then drawn to the soft pink heart in the center ~ on the FREE spot.  How appropriate! Both for my trip to my brother and sister-in-law's,  who I love dearly, but also another symbol of God's Love for YOU!

May your day be blessed by Jesus Christ today and every day!

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