Saturday, January 28, 2017

Where Do You Fit? ~ National Puzzle Day

Another somewhat new 'Day of Celebration', January 29th is National Puzzle Day, which also directed the weekend challenge on the Facebook site, Addicted to Card Making....
Make a card with a Puzzle on it (crossword, jigsaw, word search, etc.).

Finally, a perfect time to use another little tiny stamp hiding in my stash, never used.  Using my PSE skills I was able to take a digi cross and layer in jigsaw pieces, then stamp/mat the stamped image before adding just a touch of color to several puzzle pieces. 

When I laid it all together, the depth of the meaning in this simple image huge!  
There are so many great Bible scriptures that support God knowing just where you fit....  
His plan is perfect, You are inscribed in the palm of His hand, the Word of the Lord stands forever...
I pray that as you read this today, you are filled with God's peace and comfort in a this world of turmoil.  Seek His will daily and acknowledge his blessings, for He is an awesome God!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you will follow my postings.
Serving a Risen Savior ~ Pam

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