Friday, April 20, 2018

Spring Retreat ~ Envelope Challenge

One of my favorite challenges on Addicted to Card Making, is the monthly Envelope Challenge....which is NOT an envelope!
Each person is given an 'envelope' with the same supplies.  The rules of the challenge are they must use some of all of the items and can add up to two items from their own supplies.
For the retreat, I allowed the not to use all the items but to get extra tickets if they did; and also they were allowed to add two items. They did a great job creating both cards, embellishments and pages for their scrapbooks.
I hope you will enjoy THEIR creativity today!

Such a great example again of how we each see things differently and should allow our God given talents to bloom!  

This is a great group project idea if you are ever hosting a retreat or workshop!

Thanks for stopping by!
Serving a Risen Savior,

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