Saturday, December 17, 2016

Mailing Journal Challenge ~ Christian Card Maker

For several weeks during December the members of Christian Card Makers have been working on our December Long Challenge, which is to use our current stash and create a mailing journal for the new year to keep track of swaps, challenges, blog postings or other mailings.  
What a great idea and for me a much needed tool... but to get it done in DECEMBER?
Yet every time I've posted a blog or mailed a swap card during this month, I've thought about this journal idea.  
So, I found a spiral bound album that actually had some pretty leaves printed on the heavy pages, and went to work pulling together a few ribbons, and digging out a jar of modge podge from many years ago. 
For my cover I printed a piece from the internet that I have always loved, one that I try to live up to in my faith walk.

I added Pam's Pearls, my blog name to the side along with several strips of ribbon to complete the front cover.

The inside of each person's book I believe will be very different, some just a calendar, others more detailed.
My left side includes a small calendar for reference,  followed by lines for my card swaps, weekend and monthly challenges.

While all of the right sides are devoted to space for my monthly blog listings and follow up notes.

I love how the green leaves are softly transparent though each page.  There were actually 16 pages in my book so the last several pages I added half page pockets to give myself some additional storage space for notes and supplies.

With sign ups for January card swaps just ten days away, I'm so excited to have my journal ready for 2017.  This is one organizational resolution that will be easy to maintain.
Thanks Ginny for the great challenge!

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Serving a Risen Savior, Pam