Saturday, October 29, 2016

Craft Room Do-Over

Do you ever get your crafting space totally organized or is it
always a work in progress? 
When I downsized four months ago, I planned every inch of my 10 x 10 room knowing that going from a 20 x 24 bonus room was really going to be an adjustment.  Yet just four months later, I found that I really needed to re-think my space 
and finally gave in to a DO-OVER this weekend.  
My personal goals:
1. Everything does not have to be on my desk, it's okay to have it behind me, across the room, in a cabinet, etc.  Move items and increase my work space and KEEP IT THAT WAY!
2. Allowing the internet installation to be under my craft table was a mistake ~ do whatever is necessary to move it so it is accessible.
3. Crafting and my laptop go together.  Whether it is with Pinterest, looking at the challenge requirements, or just chatting while I'm crafting, having my computer across the room from the craft table was not a good location ~ move it.

Now the show and tell of the beginning mess (oh dread!)....
 I promise, there is a crafting table under all that with about an 8" square space to actually craft. But I can touch everything which must give me a great feeling of comfort! 
And my die cutting area below, not too bad considering it's 
straddling the HVAC vent.
And there is 'the corner' that needs so much help!  The only good thing is the window view of the water - 

Thrift Store Bargain to the rescue.  I happened upon the Habitat's half price day and picked up the solid oak entertainment center for only $40!  
Although it looked easy when the two elderly gentlemen loaded it, it took three of us to unload and could barely get it up the steps and into my kitchen.  Next the task of moving things out.  With my total house only being 880 square feet, my den quickly became stacked high with crafts items and furniture.  This green file cabinet was built by my Dad many years ago so it got a new coat of paint on it's trip in and out of the area. 

The path is ready, now how am I (alone) going to get this monster down the hall and in place.  
Like everything else when a task is larger than I am, stop and pray, and ask others to pray for you and with you.  (Thanks Jennie!)
And many 'Thank You Jesus' afterwards!

Things are now back in the room and it is and will continue to be a work in progress.  But I am so thrilled with my results and meeting all my goals.
My desk area is cleared of clutter and organized.  The new cabinet behind me is well organized in storage boxes that are easy to access. My laptop is relocated beside my crafting table, and I can still see out the window to see the lake!
The die cutting area is under the window now, giving more room when you first walk in the room for paper cutting and a nice area for my package shipping. The internet boxes are also accessible, no longer under the craft table. 
The stamp filing and paper filing area is working well, just need to finish up the labeling there.

And WOW to my new corner!  How much better it is now.  Organized and beautiful with the finishing touch of the rug hooked rose created by my Mom many years ago.  She dyed the wool and cut the strips before hooking the design that she drew herself.  Makes me happy to know she's watching me craft from heaven.

Thank you for stopping by ~ Pam