Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Bless This Land You've Given Me ~ WAW#253

As we continue to honor our farmers 
during the month of October, 
I was drawn to the Farmer's Prayer.

Lord, Bless this land you've given me
And may I always know
As I tend each crop and critter
You're the one who helps them grow.

Grant me the strength and wisdom
Please protect me from all harm,
And thank you, Lord 
for your gracious gift
The Blessing Of My Farm.

My card today was made for a special farmer in Florida who like most covers multiple areas... hay, corn, millet, cows and timber.  Thanks to you and many, many farmers across the US.  
May our God continue to bless you and your farm.

This is also my submission for Christian Card Maker monthly challenge and Word Art Wednesday .  I'd also like to invite you to visit these sites to see other inspiring artist cards. 

This card design is available for purchase on Not Just Scraps. 
Thank you for stopping by ~ Pam