Monday, January 23, 2017

Product Review ~ Stamp Positioning Tool

One of the hottest stampers tools last year was the continued interest in the Misti Stamp Positioning Tool.  It seems that over the last several months many other manufacturers are coming out with their versions along with many DIY version 
from CD Cases to Hinged Picture Frames.

Let me also say that I was definitely one stamper that thought...
 "That is a waste of my money, I don't need that."  
"I don't make multiple cards, I don't need that."   
"I can stamp just fine, I don't need that."  
Well guess what my crafty friends???

While this posting is a review of two manufactures brands, I can't say enough good things about the usefulness of this tool.  

So just a quick look and my thoughts about  the Mini Misti and the Hampton Arts Stamp Positioning Tool.
I started using the Mini Misti immediately after receiving it for Christmas. All of my stamps have already been removed from the wooden blocks that take up so much storage space.  Some still have the foam, some are just red rubber and a few are clear.  The black foam pad that comes with the tool is easy to remove when using stamps with foam or slide under your paper when using just rubber or clear stamps.  Any stamps that didn't cling, I used a removable glue dot, then stuck it near the hinges for the next use.  It did take one good goof up to realize how important it is to put your paper into the corner (or bottom edge) before adding the magnets.  Just like pushing your paper to the top of your cutter, you have to start with it straight if you want to end with it straight.  Having the ability to re-ink perfectly is amazing!  I also found that using several different ink colors at once on different images was easy to keep clear and separated. 

You will notice the washi tape 'tabs' on my magnets.  This was a youtube tip shared on Karle's Passion.  There is a good bit of discussion about these powerful magnets breaking as they slam together. The instructions on the box highly recommend keeping them apart.   The taped tab is a great tip which allows you to pick up and place the magnet easily on your work and also grab it to flip it around to the back of the board for storage before removing the stamped image.
About two days into using the Mini Misti, I'm realizing how great it is and how much I'm going to use it.  One happy stamper!...  Then one of the facebook sites (Bargain Outletpops up with a special on the Hampton Arts version for only $18 + shipping, and it is larger than mine.  My doubts of it's quality and durability for $30 less that the Mini Misti (5" x 6") was of course overcome by the size would allow me to use it for larger papers (6" x 8").
The Hampton Arts tool arrived Thursday and over the weekend I've used it continuously, instead of the Mini Misti, putting it through the paces to evaluate the differences.
This version did come with the same sized two very strong magnets and the same thickness black foam pad.  The ruler is easy to read, grid lines are clear, same three spaced hinges.  The only physical difference that I could see is the thickness of the top plate.  
The Hampton Arts is only 1/16" thick where the Misti is 1/8".
I would have to say this could be an issue if you aren't careful in your use, but it may fine also.  
I've used various stamps all weekend, tried all combinations of paper thickness, stamp thickness, ink combo, etc. with perfect results, no different than with the Mini Misti.
Prolonged usage could change my opinion of both of these products, however today if given a choice, I would not hesitate to purchase another Hampton Arts stamp positioning tool.  
And I can't encourage you enough to make the ~$20 investment for yourself.  My mini will go in my travel bag as I do a lot of travel for crafting and the Hampton Arts will stay on my craft desk for everyday use.  I'd love to hear your opinion on the stamping tool too!
Thank you for stopping by to read my thoughts today!

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Serving a Risen Savior, Pam  


  1. I also have both Pam! I bought the Misti first but couldn't resist the Stamp Perfect with a coupon at Michaels! lol I didn't think I needed it either, thought I would never use it. Now I use it almost every single time I stamp!!

  2. Thanks for sharing that Pam. I have a full size Misti and I love it!! Appreciate your honest opinion and tips!
    Ginny M

  3. Great work Pam, I've a Mini misti and love it not sure I'd invest in big one. I don't scrap and my mini misti fits most things. I do have lot of wooden stamps too so will keep using my stamp positioned and also use ink blocks etc. so old products are not replaced.
    God bless dear sis.

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  4. I too love my mini MISTI Pam, and find it wonderfully robust. I have also 'tagged' my magnets and it is a lifesaver.

  5. Love my Mini Misti. Your review explained things so well. Learned new things about the magnets. Thanks for sharing this with us. Hugs.