Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Be an Encourager

If you had to say this morning ....
Who is my encourager?  Who is always there for me, telling me it's going to be okay, 
lifting my spirits, praying for me....Who would that be?

I can honestly say, my life continues to be blessed with a very strong circle of encouraging friends and family.  I am grateful and humbled in so many ways when different friends seem to pop in and pick me up, set me back on the right road after a little set back or a bad day, 
or just love me for who I am... a child of God.

Today's card was done as a Sketch Challenge for Heart Lines Ministry on Christian Card Makers, a card ministry to send cards of encouragement.  

Are YOU an Encourager? 
Do you fit the role of being there for others?  
Listen to your heart today and find a few kind words of care and encouragement to share with someone.   So many in today's world need to know they are God's children and they are important. 

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Serving a Risen Savior ~ Pam