Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Wishing You Happiness

Today's card is to showing you What's On My Work Desk Wednesday
as I complete the monthly Envelope Challenge provided by

These are the supplies that were sent to 12 ladies to uniquely 
see what they could create using some of each piece included.
We were allowed to add one stamped image and 
two additional embellishments.

The stickers were different in each envelope and as noted we only had to use one.  Mine, unfortunately for me, did not go with any idea that I came up with 
for the remainder of my card supplies.

So I had to 'stretch' the rules a little and hope the ATCM judge would not throw me in jail... 
as the side of the stickers 
became the roadway for my baby stroller!
How's that for out of the box? 

Although this card design is available for purchase at 
Not Just Scraps, the original will be sent to a new mother
as part of the November Long Challenge on the

Be sure to visit these sites for other great card makers 
and where my card has also be submitted.

May your day be blessed ~ thank you for stopping by ~ Pam