Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Washi Tape Challenge from ATCM

I was excited to see the card challenge for 
Washi Tape on 
as I seem to have lots of designs and forget to use it.

Once I got started then it seemed that every card 
I started to make, I picked up another
roll of washi tape!

But this is my final card, one
that can be used generically for many of
life's events and 
even adapted to a scrapbooking page.

This easy design is just several rows of dark tapes
to make my road or hill;
a cute VW stamp colored in pencils;
the sentiment and a little 
bit of ladder ribbon to finish it off. 

So the next time you are stuck on a card design,
pull out the washi tape!  The results are endless.

{Note: This card design is available for sale on
Not Just Scraps.}

Thank you for stopping by ~ Pam 


  1. Washi. Washi. What did we do before

  2. This is so cute. I have not used washi, but I love how you used it here. I will have to learn. Hugs.