Monday, September 19, 2016

All Blue ~ Wish You Were Here

Ever found a card on Pinterest and know it's 
what you want to make...
only to click on it and there are
NO instructions?

That was the case for this double fold, 
double backed card design
that I selected for my ALL BLUE for one
of the September card swaps on 

Didn't take too long to figure out the fold, 
but a little trial and error to get the back 
of the second fold matching and in 
proper alignment.  
Once the white embossed paper was secured,
I inked the background with SU Pacfic Point.
Multiple balloons were die cut and 
also inked with the same shade,
along with the Wish You Were Here
sentiment tag.

Another great design that lots of different
sentiments could be used for and 
it's the perfect size for a legal envelope
for mailing.  

{Note: This card will be available for ordering 
in September on Not Just Scraps.}

Thank you for stopping by ~ Pam


  1. This card is amazing. Since there were no instructions, you could post this on Pinterest and add your instructions

  2. Beautiful card. I find it frustrating too to find a card I'd love to make and no instructions. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us on cards you make. Hugs