Monday, July 11, 2016

July Envelope Challenge ~ Addicted to Card Making

Have YOU ever done an 'envelope' challenge?  I have to admit the first time I saw the posting to sign up for this type challenge I was at a total loss!  What can you do with a decorated envelope? 

I can only imagine the laughs that Jennifer, the admin at the time on Addicted to Card Making, had when I messaged her with just that question.  I certainly was relieved to find out an envelope challenge has a totally different meaning on a card making site.  

The July Envelope Challenge was hosted by Kari Brown and as you can see, everyone who participates gets an envelope of the same supplies.  Then your creativity begins to churn as you must use some of each piece included to make your card.  (Other items can be added, but it is usually a limited number.)

The two patterned papers had a black and white design on the reverse side - I could have elected to use either side of the papers. 

Being a photographer, I wanted to use the red camera as my focal point on my card.  The light blue netted ribbon was quite bulky which presented a little bit of a challenge.  

I landed on adding a camera stamp for my background and using the larger paper for the center lens in each camera.

The 'in the news' and camera pieces are popped up and the Happy Birthday is stamped on the pink lined tag paper.  I punched a small hole in the circle to put the wide ribbon in and tucked in under the back, then completed the card with lightly running Stampin Up Really Red ink around the edges.

Thanks Kari for the cute supplies for this card.  

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  1. Great card! The envelope challenge gives me an idea for a card class that friends want me to do. Hugs.