Saturday, July 29, 2017

Die Storage and Organization

Just like our paper, our stamps, and our markers,.... comes the 'growth' of our metal dies.  I personally find that certain storage and organization methods work great for a while, but then a different way will come along.... and I find myself changing what I thought was the best way to a new way.  

So if you are a crafter that feels 'oh I have this system, I can't change now.'.... 
YES, you can.  And it's okay.  
Reorganizing and recycling our storage units, cases, boxes, etc is just part of our crafting and our creativity.

Today I wanted to share my Metal Die storage and organization, which is still in progress.  This was a bit on the expensive side, if you have shopped for the magnetic sheets, you know they aren't cheap.  While the vent covers from the Home Depot or Lowes are the cheapest, for my selection I wanted the magnetic sheets with adhesive backs, so I was willing to purchase several orders from Oriental Trading.

I have two wire based baskets as all dies get heavy.  Keep this in mind when you pick our your storage container.  I found that the frame dies and nesting dies needed to be on larger sheets, while most of the other dies fit well on smaller sheets.

To start with I cut the magnetic sheets into two groups ~ one group, the sheets were cut equally into fourth's (4 1/4" x 5 1/2"   ) and the other group into halves (8 1/2" x 5 1/2" ).  

2.  Cut heavy weight cardboard the same WIDTH, but add 1/2" to the Height measurement to give you a spot to add a label.

3. Mount the magnetic sheets onto the cardboard, add your label across the top....either by single small set
 single large set
Double set of nesting on the larger sheet
and examples of the smaller sheets with dies sorted by theme
And even if you don't blog... 
someone is always going to want to know where did you get that die from.  
You can always write on the back of the cards.... 
I elected to add the package labels where I could.

My baskets are open and sit on each side of my Big Kick.  I have definitely used them 100% now that they are out and I can see what I have.  When I travel, I pull out the sheets I think I might need and they travel in a cardboard recipe box!

Is this a perfect system?  No way.... but it works great today and so much better than before.  

Thanks for stopping by today - Here's to your re-organizing efforts, always look for ways to make it easy to use, easy to see.  If it's in the closet, that's where it will stay.  Happy Crafting!!!

Serving a Risen Savior ~ Pam 

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