Monday, June 27, 2016

Move Day ~ June 18, 2016

With the house closing still several weeks away, 
and my wonderful family help lined up for the only open Saturday
during the month of June, 
it's time to pack it up and move it out. 
So many things have lined up to make this day a special memory
and a successful start toward my new adventures.

First additional blessing - my BFF, Cindy decides to drive five
hours one way to be with me through this weekend.  
What a blessing her endless help and support has always been.

Next, you know you always worry about the weather when 
you are doing a 'self move'.  With three trucks and trailers and two 
SUV's scheduled, I still was checking the weather and praying for 
no rain that morning.  
However, God had a plan for that need, as a friend of my son's called and offered the use of a moving van for the day!  
"What?", I exclaimed when my son called.  
"Yep, we just have to put the gas back in." 


 Kevin and Jason quickly became our Two Men and a Truck!

 With each room packed and ready...
in just under 2 hours the entire house, full attic and the yard furniture was packed up and our
caravan was pulling out, covered in our prayers for safe travels.

And the huge sigh of relief as the truck is opened at the new house 
with everything still in tack~my happy crew still has energy left.
Of course KFC on the way probably did help slightly with getting things unloaded quickly plus the cloud cover and cool breeze of the morning had disappeared by this time.
It didn't take Dad long to find his position of supervision, 
what a well trained duPont retiree he is!
I asked for their TIRED look right after lunch...I think I got more
sleepy looks and Dad's humor shining brightly.  
So within 8 hours of starting, the crew was back on the road 
toward home.... I love you guys!  My life is so blessed by each of you, every day! 
Wish I'd gotten a photo with each one, but did get this shot with 
my son Kevin (i.e. the next Duck Dynasty actor).
And afterwards, Cindy really had to twist my arm to
a small celebration with just the two of us!
What an awesome day!

Thank you for stopping by ~ Pam


  1. Praise God Pam for many many mercies. Shaz.x

  2. Wow, What a happy Day!!!! It finally happened! Love you Pam and Congratulations!!