Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Bouncing Brayer Challenge

Each month on the Facebook Site
Addicted to Card Making
Jennifer posts a Tech Youtube as a challenge for the group.
For May the Challenge was 
Charmaine Ikach's  Bouncing Brayer Technique:

I viewed it at the end of April and signed up knowing it would be a
a fun card to make and even encouraged others on the site - sign up!  It's a great card!  ... Then weeks later,  while I'm in the process of living between two houses currently with whatever crafting supplies I need, always at the other location...  I realize my tech card partner is in the UK.  Oh my, I must hurry and get my sweet friend Sue's card done and in the mail for it has a long journey!

Did I mention I don't have internet at the new home yet? to rely on memory of that youtube from weeks ago on top of definitely knowing I don't have a brayer with me. Yikes!

So Sue, as I said in the card - here's the story of your card. ... Determination and limited supplies.  Thankfully I did have the Klidescope ink pads and several stamps.    And since I had just finished putting down shelving paper in the kitchen cabinets... 
Cardboard roller, Painter's Tape and Shelving paper became the
new hottest brayer !

Truly not remembering the pattern .... I BOUNCED away...
And was pleased with the unique backgrounds I achieved.
Added a couple of stamps and finished up the card for mailing.

And a couple of other examples using the backgrounds...

Don't ever limit yourself to a pattern or instructions - use your imagination and create beautiful things!  
Thanking My God today for the talents He has given me!


  1. Brilliant improvisation! Love all the cards x

  2. Brilliant improvisation! Love all the cards x

  3. I think l like the "Pam Brayer " better than the solid pattern. This gives it a totally unique pattern.

  4. Love this idea. I will have to try it on some cards. Hoping you soon have everything set up and running in your new home. Hugs.